4th Earth Lore

Each age of the Earth has been marked by the rise, fall, or combination. These ages are not typically known or named except in hindsight.

What we call First Earth was the rise, time, and fall of First Earthers as the dominant sentient beings on this planet. They’re the ones who gave the planet its name and we decided not to change it. They’re the ones who created the Citizen Goggles, Gravity Plates, and Credit System. Humans always believed they would go out with a “bang.” Some great war or struggle. In the end, they more or less faded peacefully as the Fenghuang rose; marking the beginning of Second Earth.

The Fenghuang are believed to have created The Cradle alongside the humans who remained. It’s believed during Second Earth there was a time of extended peace, which allowed the rise of multiple higher-order sentient beings. Second Earth is marked as the end of peace and the rise of a First Earth sorcerer, Marl; bringing in Third Earth and The Great Migration.

Third Earth saw much conflict and war at the hands of Marl. It’s believed Marl wanted to systematically dominate each of the eight continents and species. We don’t know why Marl didn’t attack the humans with the same vigor as the rest of us. We do know some unknown force inspired the other species to migrate to The Cradle. The Grimalkin came to The Cradle, expanded it by helping build the smaller habitats, teaching us the ways of war, and they created the Citizen Cane. The death of Marl brings us to Fourth Earth.

Our numbers are coming back, however, the war took many and we’re not sure how many higher-order sentient beings might exist much beyond The Cradle. We are actively expanding our knowledge of the Earth and magic.

First Earth

Section titled First Earth

Dominate higher order species believed to be descended from primates and referred to themselves as humans.Bipedal locomotion. Large complex brains allowed them to develop advanced tools, culture, and language.

Second Earth

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The Fenghuang discover they aren’t the only higher order sentient beings on the planet due to The Cigwe Immigration.

Third Earth

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Marked by Marl, the sorcerer and a mass immigration of Grimalkin to The Cradle. Prior to this immigration and welcoming of the Grimalkin by the Fenghuang word of other higher-order sentient beings was interpreted as rumor and speculation.

The Great Grimalkin Immigration

The Grampus Immigration

The Caudata Immigration

The Chiroptera Immigration

The Battle of Third Earth–Fourth Earth

Fourth Earth

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The CradleThe Central Habitat