Citizen Goggles

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A pair of Citizen Goggles are issued to every higher-order sentient being when they reach 25 revolutions.

Citizen Goggles allow for both augmented and virtual reality simulation and interaction. The standard issue goggles are required to be worn at all times inside The Cradle.

The standard issue goggles are made of a single sheet of Biofabricated Glass framed in Biofabricated Aluminum. The lens is designed to be hidden from view of the wearer as much as possible; extending from one temple to the other and from above the eyebrows to below the cheekbones. A 50 millimeter wide, adjustable strap made of Biofabricated Cloth secures the device the wearer. Bone conduction speakers are attached to the strap and can also be adjusted.

Last Ditch allows its citizens to choose an alternative pair of goggles made from a modified pair of the standard issue goggles; they’re more glasses than goggles to allow easy removal and storage. The lens is reduced in height while maintaining the wraparound width. The frame is repurposed to create a larger top frame and temple arms. The strap is shortened and attached to the ends of the temple arms; adjustable for a secure fit and can be removed.

Citizen Goggles facilitate augmented and virtual reality experiences. They are the primary communication and transaction technology of Fourth Earth.

Citizen Cane

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A Citizen Cane is issued to every higher-order sentient being when they reach 25 revolutions. At this age the height of the individual is typically static. This is important as the length of each cane is determined by the height of the individual. The length of the fully assembled cane is equal to the height of the individual.

Most of the length of the cane is 25 millimeters in diameter. The cane’s main shaft is made of Biofabricated Steel. One end of the cane is tapered to a point (referred to as the spear) while the opposite end has a wide ring surrounding the shaft (referred to as the cudgel). Both the spear tip and the cudgel ring are made of Biofabricated Tungsten to add weight and balance.

The cane can be separated at the middle by unscrewing the two ends from one another. Once separated the individual can wield the spear in one hand and the cudgel in the other.

The spear and cudgel are able to split at the middle as well in the same manner as breaking the cane down into the spear and the cudgel. However, the two parts that make up the spear and cudgel are connected by a narrow chain of Biofabricated Steel. Typically the cane is broken down in this manner for easier storage and carrying; usually in clothing pockets or accessories on the outside of the thigh, base of the spine, or similar.

The design was inspired by the primary tool of the Grimalkin and modified using Fenghuang materials.

Biofabricated Materials

AluminumSteelTungstenGlassCloth First Earth

Citizen Poncho

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